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Edition Spéciale - Quant Corner Graduate

Kepler Cheuvreux is currently looking for a Quantitative Analyst in Paris (Internship - 3-6 months)


Kepler Cheuvreux is the largest independent European broker. Our Quantitative research team is involved in factor based approaches on European Equities. We provide research to the largest European fund managers.

Kepler Cheuvreux is currently looking for a: Quantitative Analyst (Internship - 3-6 months - Based in Paris)

The objective of the internship is to investigate the properties of equity risk factors, and to analyse how their correlation evolved over time over the past 20 years on European equities.
Data: Bloomberg and Factset Data on European Equities.
Methods & systems: Standard econometrics models will be used. Computations will be performed in Matlab. Reports will be written in English. Day to day communication within the Quant research Team is in French.


  • Must be interested in applied statistics.
  • With a first experience in Matlab, R or any other numerical calculus language
  • An interest for quantitative investing and equity Fama-French factors is a plus.

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